recycled inner tubes

Recycle your old bike tubes!


Every year, millions of bike tubes are thrown into landfills. At Cycle Dog, we recycle and re-purpose these into our dog leashes and collars.

Are you a shop, team or user of bike tubes? If so, send them back to Cycle Dog!

We accept the following sizes and types of inner tubes:

700c, 20-28 width
700c, 23-25 width
700c, 25 and up width

27”, all widths
28”, all widths

All Mountain Tubes (26", 650B, 29")

We cannot accept the following:
1). Slimed tubes
2). Thorn resistant tubes
3). Race tubes (ultra thin)
4). Tubes with large slashes, cuts, or tubes tied in knots.

We re-purpose these tubes into dog collars & leashes. We cannot accept:
1). Tires
2). Rim Strips
3). Old Grips
4). Rubber Trash

Thanks for helping us keep old inner tubes out of landfills!


To recycle your tubes drop them at a Cycle Dog tube drop location or contact us for further details.


      1. Portland Area - Tube Drop Locations
           North, NE Portland – Revolver Bicycles, Community Cycling Center, Metropolis Cycle Repair, Cyclepath, City Bikes, Universal Cycles
           Downtown – Bike Gallery
           Northwest – 21st Ave Bikes, Fat Tire Farm, Western Bike Works
           Southeast –Seven Corners Cycle, BIKEASAURUS
           Beaverton – BikenHike
           Hillsboro - BikenHike