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Flowers-Coral Poppies Dog Collar


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Designer Dog Collar Art by Carrie Schmidt titled Cheerful Poppies. Perfect for a romp on the beach, a dip in the river, or for those times when you get caught in the rain. The upcycled backing is naturally anti-bacterial and won’t get stinky unlike typical nylon collars.

Made in USA – Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon

Pup-Top Bottle Opener – The leash attachment doubles as a bottle opener.

Latch-Lock Metal Buckle – Sturdy, secure, and 4x stronger then plastic.

ID Spot – Separate attachment area for tags and lights.

Waterproof Backing – The recycled rubber backing resists odors and bacteria growth.

Complete Your Set

No-Stink Collar Features

ID Spot™

Separate loop for dog tags or lighting.


Metal buckle, 4x stronger than plastic.


Bottle opener on the go.

Upcycled Backing

Waterproof and antibacterial.

Using the Pup Top Bottle Opener

Size Chart

Size Neck Fits Dogs
Small 6-12 in (15-30.5cm) under 30 lbs
Medium 12-21 in (30.5-53 cm) 30-70 lbs
Large 17-27 in (43-68.5 cm) 65-110 lbs
Width Dimensions
Standard 1.1 in (28 mm)
Fatty 1.5 in (36.5 mm)


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