New Mushroom Collection
New Mushroom Collection

MAX Reflective

A 100% surface reflectivity will keep you and your pup visible and safe.

Beds & Blankets

Curling up on a cold winter’s night never felt this good.

Bundles & Gift Sets

Get the perfect gift for the furry companion.

Cycle Dog Mission

Cycle Dog creates the world’s best dog products with a focus on the environment and sustainability. We started in 2009 by upcycling inner tube rubber into our no-stink collars. Since then, we have saved millions of tubes from becoming landfill waste. All Cycle Dog products use post-consumer recycled materials and are made to last, durability equals sustainability.  All hand-sewn products are proudly made in our facility in Portland, Oregon.

 Eco-Friendly & USA Made

We have saved millions of used inner tubes & pop bottles from landfills & offer free repairs of handsewn products.  Outsourcing production to far off lands would be cheaper & easier, but it would not allow us to create local jobs, provide invaluable work experience for future creators, or create industry defining products.


All Cycle Dog products are designed for durability, sustainability, and absolute fun.  Each product is tested in our indoor play area by our team of rigorous doggy testers. Nothing is indestructible, so when a problem occurs, we back our products with our We Care Guarantee.


Everything we do at Cycle Dog starts with dogs. From getting the most out of every journey to chasing tails around the park, we’ve charged ahead to innovate in every aspect and change the way people enjoy the outdoors with their pups.