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Make it cozier

Waterproof Barrier Nestle Dog Bed



Cycle Dog Waterproof Barrier Beds equal no more stinky dog beds. Made with a 3-Layer Waterproof material these super plush dog beds are great for indoor/outdoor use. They are super easy to clean, just wipe, hand wash or throw them in the washing machine. Hand Stuffed with earth friendly EcoFill Recycled polyester from plastic bottles, each bed purchased reduces landfill waste. At Cycle Dog we believe a big part of sustainability is making products that last.

Bed Size Outer Inner
Small 21 x 18 x 6 inch 10 x 8 inch
Medium 24 x 22 x 7 inch 12 x 10 inch
Large 34 x 28 x 8 inch 20 x 15 inch
X-Large 42 x 34 x 8 inch 28 x 20 inch

Please note: Our beds are handmade and may vary in size.

Make it cozier



We manufacture our products in Portland, Oregon.



Our dog beds and blankets are handmade with love.



Toss it into a washing machine or hand wash with soap and water!



Made with post-consumer recycled materials.


Superior Materials and Workmanship

Non-stink, Not Chew Proof


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making the absolute best dog toys. My dog Waffles is a Boston terrier and literally shredded every single toy that she has owned until we introduced her to your duraplush toys. She has managed to not destroy the butterfly (her favorite), bat, squirrel, and springy thing. I am so impressed and so thrilled with the quality of your products. I just purchased a couple more to add to the collection. Thanks again!

Drew T.

You guys really have a great product. I wanted to mention too that it takes Grace at least 7 months to chew up the [High Roller] ball while the other ones she’s gotten take only about 1 month, if that. And, if she can’t find it we all have to stop what we’re doing to help her look for it until it’s found. She’s really obsessed but, in a good way :)

Judy B.

I absolutely love your products! Our girl, Cola, has had her collar for 4 or 5 years now, and it still looks great. We hope she takes to the new one. It’s like the collars become part of their personality or something.  She’s a different dog when she wears it, if that makes sense. I love her so much! She’s my best girl.


We got a medium “Fuzzyball ” for our Shih Tzu Darby’s 1st birthday 2 yrs ago.  He & his Scottie X brother Darth chase it, shake it, chew it & hug it daily with nary a rip or popped stitch.  We sent large ones to our Granddog Roxie (yellow lab) & our Dog- neice Pumpkin (bloodhound) for Christmas & they love ’em.  Roxie plays nose soccer all over the house & then suckles herself to sleep with it.  Pumpkin now has 2, one at home & one at Grandma & Grandpa’s house ’cause she gets a little separation anxiety if she’s away from her’s too long.

Jon B.

Cycle Dog is by far our favorite collar for Griffin. Your designs and quality are superior.

P.S. Hello from Griffin rockin’ his Cycle Dog Colorado collar.

Mary H.

1st impressions were “well, this won’t last long” but their durability has been impressive.  We bought a backup for our boys but it’s in the closet still in its wrapping.

Jon B.

I have 5 big dogs. I bought 4 toys, expecting them to be destroyed in minutes. We have the grape, squirrel, beer can, and radish. They are by far the best dog toys I have ever bought! These toys take a lot of punishment from 4 big labradors and a golden retriever. I didn’t hold out much hope for them, but our dogs have pulled, chewed, thrown and left them outside in the rain and they are still as good as new albeit a bit dirty.

Heidi S.

My dog Obie LOVES your High Roller Ball whether it’s hiking in Montana or playing at home, he’s never without it. It’s his favorite toy! He loves to catch it in midair, chew on it and make it squeak! Your high Roller Ball is HIGHLY recommended by Obie.

Ms Dog Luvr

We’ve been buying your giant plush ball for a few years now because it’s our dog’s absolute favorite toy. We got our second dog about a year ago and it’s now his favorite toy we replace them every couple months because they’re always in their mouths. If you come to our house, this is what you’re greeted with.

Just wanted to say thank you for the best toy – and please never stop making them!

With snuggles,

Murphy and Roger

Dara M.

Just wanted you to know that you made Obadiah one happy Labradoodle. The Batcave is the area under my desk and it is Obadiah’s favorite place in the whole world. Obadiah is in dog heaven with the addition of your Nestle Dog bed.  Thank you for making such awesome products.

Mary S.


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