Cycle Dog Tavern & Dog Park Rules

Dogs in main Tavern area must be on leash & well behaved.

  • Dogs must be well socialized and do well with all other types of dogs and their people.
  • Written proof of current vaccinations is required for Rabies, Bordetella & DHPP
  • Flea Prevention (verbal confirmation is sufficient)
  • Dogs 9 months and over must be spayed or neutered to play in the off-leash areas, if a dog reaches sexual maturity before this time or goes into heat they must be spayed, healed from their procedure and documentation provided before returning to play.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash on your way to the building and inside the Tavern area. Only inside the gated areas they may be off leash.
  • You must be in control of them at all times. Your dog is your responsibility. Keeping your eye on your dog will help keep them playing safe. Under no circumstances can your dog be left unattended in the off leash runs or tavern area.
  • Make sure your dog has relieved themselves before entering! Take your dog out after every 20 minutes of play to prevent accidents.  If you pet does have an accident you must clean up after your dog. Pee/Poo & cleanup towels must be thrown in outside trash in order to keep a clean, stink-free environment. Owners not cleaning up after their dog or disposing of it improperly will not be allowed to return.
  • The outdoor run is not for potty breaks, please allow your dog to relieve themselves outside of both dog park areas.
  • No outside toys or treats allowed in the off leash play area.
  • Any fighting, biting,  or excessive barking, even when playing means it’s time for a break. Dogs won’t stop themselves so we need your help to keep them safe. At any time, a Cycle Dog Team Member may ask you and your dog to take a 10-minute break from the parks. Refusal to follow this request from Cycle Dog Staff will result in dismissal from the park
  • We are an indoor and outdoor dog park that is designed for a safe level of play. Excessive barking, even when playing, can escalate other dogs and quickly change the mood of the space. Even if your dog barks when playing or chasing, you must be able to quiet them and demonstrate full control. Excessive barking is not allowed.
  • Humping is not allowed, if this behavior is not controlled you will be ask to remove your dog from the park.
  • Marking is not allowed and we may ask you to remove your dog from the park for marking.
  • Fighting – If your dog starts a fight or engages in aggressive behaviors in the park you will be asked to leave open play and your dog will be restricted to scheduled private play only going forward. This includes toy aggression, dominant behavior, bullying, or resource gaurding.
  • Injury – If your dog’s behavior results in the injury of a person or another dog your dog will no longer be allowed to play at Cycle Dog in open or scheduled play.   This is a 1 strike and you’re out policy.
  • Oregon Law requires any aggressive behavior that results in injury to a person or other dog be reported to an Animal Control Officer.
  • Cycle Dog is not a training facility, we do not allow outside hired trainers to work with clients inside our facility. This includes scheduled play as well as open play. If it is discovered that a client is engaging with a trainer in our facility hired or not, the client, the trainer and the dog will be asked to leave and their membership terminated.
  • Training devices – For the safety of all dogs at play we do not allow training collars in open play.This includes: e-collars, prong collars, chain collars, martingale collars, gentle leaders and harnesses. These must be removed before entry to the dog park. (This excludes deaf dogs with prior authorization for the purpose of communication only.)
  • We do not allow training treats, clickers, whistles or other training tools inside the dog parks. If your dog is not trained to be under your verbal control within the dog parks and requires additional training tools to get along with others, they are not allowed in Open Play.
  • Any observed mis-use of training tools, inhumane correction, unfair treatment or abuse of animals in our facility will be reported and the customer will be asked to leave our property.
  • By registering your dog for membership to Cycle Dog Tavern and Dog Parks you acknowledge and agree to these rules and accept full responsibilty and liability for your dog and its behavior while on Cycle Dog Property. 
  • Cycle Dog Reserves the right to refuse or limit membership access to Cycle Dog Tavern and Dog Parks at any time for any reason. 

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