Cycle Dog’s factory is located in Portland Oregon. All stitched products including collars and leads, plush toys, beds, jackets, bowls, and the park pouch are proudly hand sewn by our dog loving factory team. The High Roller Plus ball is made locally in Oregon as well by one of our molding partners. Cycle Dog trail buddy treats are made in Oregon and only use USA sourced meats.

The Ecolast line of rubber toys, including the 3-Play Turtle, 3-Play Hippo and High Roller Squeaky Ball were design in house and are currently made by a factory partner in China. Because these toys are made using up-cycled materials and contain a squeaker valve, we have been unable to find a suitable factory partner in the USA to produce these toys. Hopefully in time this will change, but in the meantime we have a great factory partner who puts a focus on sustainability and we perform independent materials testing for materials content, durability and safety of these products.

Our plant-based earth friendly pick-up bags are currently made by a factory partner in China. Currently USA suppliers of of plastic bags only provide oxo-biodegradable bags or bioplastics. We believe utilizing a plant-based materials is a more sustainable option than plastic and have chosen our factory partner accordingly.